Thursday, May 31, 2012

Edible Wedding Cakes + Bonus

The cake topper is blurry if you see it close up but there's nothing I could do about it cause it was part of the cake.
The decorative wedding cake 3 is the one without the topper. It's obvious.
Almost forgot, I made 2 size of the edible cakes: Original (Edible Wedding Cake 1) and Small (Edible Wedding Cake 2) sizes.
The original one has the same size with the decorative cakes but the small one is a lot smaller so sims can grab, eat it and it won't look painful for you to watch ;)
(The ones in pictures are the original size)
As usual, you have to put the cakes on the table/counter first before sims can eat otherwise the interactions will be cancelled. And you can find these in Miscellaneous Appliances category.

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