Monday, July 16, 2012

Garage Gear 2

his is a Set with several Items
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12 more items to add to your garage collection! Set includes a tool chest, ladder, hanging tools, deco paint can with brush, deco paint can without brush, sim oil container, 2 tier shelf, 3 tier shelf, cooler, large plastic storage bin, small plastic storage bin, and a lawn mower! Now you have no excuse to have an empty garage in your sims homes. All items tested in-game and created in Workshop - Homes by Illiana
Creator Notes
I have WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Town Life Stuff, Hidden Springs, and Master Suite Stuff. I do patch my games. Thanks.
Mel, Flovv, Cath, Kriss, and all those who listened to me bellyache!

Philodendron Bucket Planter

Philodendron from my Bucket Planter set. Made by sim_man123 from TSR. TSRAA.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cigarette/Smoking Mod

What it does...
This mod gives sims the ability smoke cigarettes to your game.

How it works...
To use, in Buy mode go to Misc Decorations and purchase a pack of cigarettes for 6 simoleons, and place it on a surface.

Smoking a cigarette removes Stressed, BuzzCrashed, FeelingAnxious, and Strained buffs. It adds SmokedCigarette and FeelingCalm buffs and increases Fun motive.

Smoking has a chance of developing a smoking habit(sim will get SmokingHabit buff). If SmokedCigarette buff is allowed to end while having a smoking habit, Fun motive will be greatly reduced, and Stressed, FeelingAnxious, Strained, and NeedCigarette buffs are added.

To quit the smoking habit, You must let the SmokedCigarette buff run out. You will then get the NeedCigarette buff, but you can't smoke again. You will have do other things to keep your sims Fun motive up until the quitting process is complete, which takes 15 sim days. After that, you get a QuitColdTurkey buff, and life goes back to normal. Unless...

If you have the QuitColdTurkey buff, and your sim smokes again, you get the SmokingHabit buff again and a FellOffTheWagon buff, and you'll have to start the quitting process all over again.

Download Here

Monday, July 2, 2012

installing Collection files

To have a collection appearing in your game, just put this package [ SIMc-*setname*-collection]  into your
My documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Collections\User  folder

Collections work as a kind of shortcut, they help you to locate the pieces of a set all together on game catalog but they don't carry the objects itself so, you'll have to download the object pieces AND the collection.
We repeat: this is just a shortcut to find the pieces quickly in the game catalog. The collection file is not the object set itself.

Our collections don't have custom icons, they have EA icons. We use to have custom icons on Sims2 but for Sims3 we decided to keep the collection icons as simple as they are.

Collections will be available by sets.

Updates to Store Magic items coming with Supernatural (Sims 3 Forums)

I’m here to tell you about how the The Sims 3 Supernatural is going to enhance existing magic items that are available on The Sims 3 Store! These items will not be included in Supernatural, but if you’ve purchased them from the Store, you’ll get the benefits of these special effects:

Brewing potions in Lord Vladimir’s Magic Cauldron will increase your Sim’s Alchemy Skill, and Sims can conjure components in the cauldron that will be needed for crafting within the Alchemy system.

Telling fortunes and peering into The Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball will give a job performance bonus if the Sim is a member of the Fortune Teller career!

Performing the magical interactions on Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells and the Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll will increase your Sim’s hidden Spellcasting Skill. You will be able to use the Voodoo Doll to curse other Sims and turn them into a zombie! You will also be able to use the Voodoo Doll to bless zombie Sims and cure them of their affliction.

Lastly, there will be a new interaction on the Voodoo Doll, “Transform!” This is only available when a Voodoo Doll is bound to a Werewolf or a Fairy. You’ll have to wait to play The Sims 3 Supernatural to find out what that does specifically.

There is a lot more news to come, so stay tuned. As always, keep asking your SimGurus questions on the forums.