Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Sophistication, comfort, and style. What better way to describe Ralph Lauren?

Sizes: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, *Elder
Clothing Category: Everyday, Athletic, Career

Sims 3 Seasonal Hoiday Stuff Pack

Please see this as a rumour only, not a true factual information about this product! The Sims 3 Seasonal Holiday Stuff will be released for a Pre-Christmas Launch, as the new Holiday Stuff Pack. 
Check out the link; Click Here
Remember; RUMOUR ONLY!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Hawaiian-inspired floral

A Hawaiian-inspired floral in a large and small print. Great fun for retro summer dresses or bold furniture fabric. Category: Themed. *This package is made with the TSR Workshop Pattern Tool, which can be found at

The Arizona' Living Set

The Arizona' Living Set for The Sims 3! One of our favorite meshes from our Sims 2 collection, and the very first mesh we did! This version has enhanced geometry such as piping on the back cushions, and more resolution in the arms. Enjoy! *This package is made with the TSR Workshop, which can be found at

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocean Collection - Dining Room II

The seventh part of Ocean Collection and second variant of dining room. Includes: 2 chairs, table, sideboard, tray and vase.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*FREE* Redwood Fence Additions

I actually made these fences ages ago, before fences were recolourable! But I thought it was long overdue for these to be remade and recolourable. :) Best of all, they're now free! Download end enjoy.

Ocean Collection - Bedroom II

The sixth part of Ocean Collection and second variant of bedroom. Includes: pouf, vase, mirror, dresser, bed and stack of boxes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

**FREE** Butcher Shop

Forum request By Lustuuu this Butcher shop should be perfect for Story tellers and players alike. Includes meat for the case and hanging salami.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"Little Things" Post-It Notes

A little while ago, Amoebytes made a very neat little sticky note object. It sounded like a fantastic idea to me, and Amoebytes' version is awesome, however I wanted individual sticky notes (hers are a set of three), and it bugged me that Amoebytes' weren't shiftable or CAStable. So, I wrote that I should make my own post-it notes down on a mental post-it note, and cheerfully proceeded to stick it above my mental bookcase, at which point the crappy glue failed and the whole thing got lost in a dark corner of my mind.

Luckily, a week or so of cutting up post-its for use as colour-coded bookmarks in open text exams rekindled my love of cheap, easily-losable memory aids, and so they arrive - Post-It notes for simmies!

I include three versions - a straight note, and two wonky notes ('cause who the hell sticks Post-Its up straight anyways?). Let's be clear, here - directions are stage directions. The Stage Left version is the one with the bottom sticking out to your left as you look at it from the front. None of this "But the note's left..." business!
These are repo'd, so you must install the straight one for the other two to work.

I am not able to get a picture due to my internet connection but go to the link below to check it out...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Altered Plants

This is a texture replacing mod that changes several of the plants in the game - mostly toning down the saturation. I found many of the plants a little bit, well, eye-searing, and thus never used them, so I went through and did some tweaking.

Plants changed (and how) are:
  • Bougainvillea Tree: Changed the painfully pink flowers to white. Dunno if there's white bougainvillea, but I figured a small white flowering tree would get the most use.
  • Ash Tree: Completely retextured the leaves - I never used it because of the really weird, overly-repeaty yellow and green. The green shade should still be close enough that it won't alter the landscaping look too much on existing lots.
  • Willow Tree: Made the leaves more of a silvery green - slightly lighter and desaturated.
  • Aspen Tree: Toned down the green of the leaves significantly.
  • Dianthus Fuchsia: Retextured the flower parts (as I couldn't get the original textures to tone down well) and reduced the saturation so they're a softer pink.
  • Moss Rose (ground cover): Desaturated it some so it wasn't quite so bright.
  • Marigolds, Vivid Roses, Pink Wild Roses: Desaturated the flowers by about 25%.

These maybe look a little bit more washed-out in my pics than they really are - the pics were taken in Bridgeport, which has a perpetually grey cast to it (which I love) - they will likely not look -quite- so dreary in someplace like Sunset Valley.

Textures replaced are: plantDianthusFuchsia, groundCoverMossRose, plantMarigolds, plantRoseOrange, plantRosePinkWild, treeWillow, treeWillow_c, treeAspen, treeAspen_c, treeBougianvillea, treeBougianvillea_c, treeAsh, treeAsh_c

All of the textures are named in the file, so if you want to delete some of them in s3pe, you can. For some reason, one of them wouldn't name properly - it should be called treeWillow.

These are default replacement textures, so they will automatically replace the existing plants/trees in-game. You will not have to re-place the plants and trees for this to work; you may have to delete your thumbnail files for the changes to show (though it doesn't matter and you can't really see much difference in the thumbnails except for the bougainvillea).

These will also work with Create-a-World; however, you will not see the changed textures in Create-a-World itself. You will see the changes in Edit in Game though - however, if you build a world with these, you'll need to point people to this thread (or include the file) if you would like it to look in their game as you see it in yours.

As this is a DDS replacer, similar to a skintone default replacement, it isn't a real "mod" exactly. It's not a global mod, core mod, or XML tuning mod, and will not conflict with anything unless you have something that replaces the exact same texture files. As such, it is compatible with all versions of the game, will not need updating for EPs/patches, and really is about as safe and simple as anything possibly can be.

Click Here For More Info

Little Critter Bodysuits

This download includes one file with four different bodysuits that have either a frog, bear, monkey, and or lion design on them. Each has 3 recolorable channels and appear in its default 3 categories (everyday, formal, and sleepwear). I've designed it to be unisex so all four designs show up for both male and female toddlers. 

Maxis Match - Kitchen Cabinets

So I'm starting to build a replica of my house and noticed a few things that Ea really dropped the ball on. The first being no overhead cabinets. Really EA? So I did it for them. I remeshed the five main kitchen cabinets so that they'd fit over the fridge and stove. Same textures, same polys, same stencils. All cabinets are in the cabinets category right next to the original, the stove hood is also in cabinets. These will aslo make a corner at the normal length. You do NOT need "moveobjects on" cheat, I've fixed it for you. Along with these I've made a stove hood to match. Very very low poly, one channel, does not need "moveobjects on." The hood acts as a smoke alarm. Currently trying to figure out how to do the store cabinets, weird stuff be happening. I think that's it.

OMG! I forgot to mention you can make them invisible, you must have the invisible scripts from MTS for them to work. I did this so that you can make a corner with 3 pieces and make one of the ends invisible while leaving the corner piece a corner.
Invisible Script

I've only put compatibility with LN because one of them is from that EP

One-Tile Clothes Rack

After months of work, I finally present to you..
Clothes Rack
Storage -> Dressers
I made this with the intentions of putting it between two walls, like in the photo above. Though it does line up when you put them next to each other, it looks a little funny.

There are three channels: the bar, the hooks and the hangers. The clothes are not recolorable. There is one preset, and it's the one in the picture.

The animation is the same animation as other dressers, so your sim will walk up to the clothes rack and pretend to open the drawer. Don't worry, it doesn't look that odd. There are some pictures here if you want to see. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Need Answers for Generations

I friend of mine gave me some links to look at some walk though and use in my game, I hope you take a min and look and if you have any question and you don't see them then let me know.. I will try my best to help you found them...

Link 1 : The Sims 3 Generations Walkthrough

Link 2: Generation Game Guide

I will keep you updated on more links as I get them....

Friday, July 8, 2011

~ Sweet Dreams ~

I was shopping on TSR and I came across this picture and I have to say love the pj for the little ones....

The Flower Market

Once again, a place inspired by Paris: the Flowers Market.
In my game, I'm using it with Ani's Shop From Inventory , so my Sims can sell their crops there (but they can also sell the flowers they have received as gift... *lol*)
Flowers and plants graphisms are from EA (Sims 2 and 3), but I made them recolorable.

I was supposed to post lots as well, but really ran out of time to check the CC list, so it will be for next update!