Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chestnut Drive Shopping Center


I started working on this lot with a slight feeling of dread, as it’s very large, and I always work better with smaller lots. To my surprise, the whole thing was actually finished in a few hours! I was very glad to finally use Sandy’s amazing grocery set, as it had been sitting in my cc folder for ages. So a special thanks to Sandy for making all the products so detailed, an incredible amount of work must have gone into creating all those textures! Anyway, the lot features a bookshop and spa combination RH, a supermarket RH, a playable bookshop, a playable supermarket and a laundrette. Behind the buildings is a large parking lot, where sims can roller skate (you will need Sandy’s skating rink sign).

Monday, July 1, 2013

Medieval/Fantasy Butchering Career

Hooray! The citizens of your medieval town can finally buy some decent bacon at Ye Olde Butcher Shop! The butcher's shop is a magical place of industrious slaughter and puerile humor where a Sim can earn a decent wage and play hide the salami. Want a cutting edge career where you will be responsible for the full bellies of all the hungry folk in the realm? Begin the journey to becoming a butcher!

*Testing Phase~ Feedback is greatly appreciated!
This career does not overwrite EA careers.
Languages: At this time the career is English only.

Download Here