Saturday, November 26, 2011

CC Magic -- Custom Content Mangement and Game Launcher

Custom Content management for The Sims 3 has become a challenge. There are literally multiple gigabytes of custom content available for the game. This introduces a couple of issues to the game that plague players.
  • Game Lag : When you have more than about 200 custom content files, the game begins to slow down noticeably. This is a limitation of the way modern computer operating systems work, not an issue with the game itself.
  • Organization : What do you do if you decide you don’t want a particular custom object anymore? How do you find it? What if you just want to disable it temporarily while testing another similar object? With thousands of CC files, it can be very difficult to track down any specific CC item.

CC Magic is a way to conquer both of these issues. CC Magic allows you to organize your custom content into a hierarchy of “sets” much like file folders, thereby allowing you to find and manage your CC however you wish. Unlike using file folders to manage your package files, CC Magic knows what those files contain and can show you information from the packages to help identify them. For example, for most items it can show you a thumbnail of the item as well as a name and description.

Once you use CC Magic to organize your content files into sets, it goes one step further by eliminating the large file count lag issue. Each set you create is consolidated into a single package file (or a very few files, each file is limited to 1GB by operating system requirements), no matter how many individual packages you may have installed in the set.

In addition to these core features, there are also features such as collection support for those with patch 1.26 or later (or Pets EP), and a configuration tool that allows you to keep multiple configurations of sets and activate them with a simple drop down menu.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glass and Metal Dining

3 new objects - a round dining table, a chair and a decorative candle in a glass vase.

Ashton Compact Kids Bedroom

A very versatile compact child's room for you Sim children from child to teen . Fully recolourable

Teddy's Dreams - Nursery

Nursery is compatibile with Pets and patch 1.26!
Set Includes: Chair, Crib, Changing Table, Coffee Table, Painting, Pillows, Teddy Bears, Rocking Horse and Table Lamp!

More Tablecloths 2 *Free*

Plain tablecloths request by Nyx. The set includes 6 tablecloths for EA's dining tables (square 1x1, rectangular 1x2, round 1x1) and my custom dining tables (round table for 6 and 8, square table for 8). They can also be used for tables that are of the same size of slightly smaller than the above ones. Place the tablecloth in the central slot of a table. Two recolorable channels.

See the recommended items below for round table for 6 and 8 and square table for 8.

Good Night

Sleepwear for your cute girls.
4 styles/3 recolorable palettes.

I hope you like it :)

Shoes Dolly

Sports shoes for girls

Friday, November 18, 2011

Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing

With the Solace Snugabunny Baby Swing, raising babies and toddlers can become much easier!  Not only will the customizable Snugabunny Baby Swing look great in your nursery or daycare, and increase the fun for any young child who is swinging, it will also allow you and your child to forget about their other needs while they are swinging, too!

For the 2 hours of auto swinging you get with every push of either the slow or fast button on the Snugabunny Baby Swing, your child’s needs for Hunger, Bladder, and Hygiene will also begin to magically fulfill! Tired babies and toddlers will sleep in the Baby Swing when they need an energy lift, and when you watch your child in the swing, you’ll both receive fun and social boosts too! Though queasy tots might get a bit nauseous at the fast setting, with so many child-rearing benefits, busy parents needing some extra time should definitely pick up The Solace Snugabunny Baby Swing today!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

set BabyCare bySeverinka

Set decoration for child care. In a set of 10 items: pampers, cream "Johnson baby", powder, cotton dubs and 6 different soaps. Some items cannot be recoloured.

Cottage half landing stairs *free*

This set is a result of a cooperation between me and Inge Jones. It contains two set of stairs (left and right ones), two base infills (left and right), matching fence and seven different wall-like fences that fit under the slope of the stairs.

IMPORTANT! These stairs are based on the spiral stairs and use spiral stairs animations, but you can get a scripted version with the animations removed at Simlogical.

Stairs can be placed one above the other, also above and under (you will have to remove the auto-generated walls first) regular, modular stairs. The area under the highest part of the stairs is fully usable. You can place there any objects and the sim will be able to use it. Also by closing it with walls and my wall-like fences (it's important as this will give your sim needed privacy) you can make a tiny toilet there.

The wall-like fences come in three vartiations. There is a plain one and two that will match in-game walls.

Stairs and base infills can be found in build mode - spiral stairs category, all other objects can be found in fences.

When you place the stairs inside of a building, the floortiles above them will not be removed automaticly. You will have to get rid of them using a hammer tool.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Traditional Piano

Don't have room for a concert piano? Dislike those electric ones? Here is a nice traditional piano for you!

Clothes for Big and Small dogs !!

Hi everyone..
This time I bring you clothes for Big and Small dogs

I was thinking about how to have clothes for pets, don't exist pet clothing section in the game.
I designed the clothes with the collar, clothing is an accessory and can't be used with other models of collar ..

As you can see in the pictures, the clothes look good on dogs

Hospital Overhaul

Hospital Overhaul
This mod will add five new interactions to the enhance your hospital gameplay. The interactions are as follows:

Your Sims will finish their pregnancy. This interaction can be done in two places: the hospital, where it costs §3000, and the hideout, where it costs §1000. Sims that abort will get a one-day -20 "Negligent" moodlet.

There's also a chance of unsuccessful abortion. This means the baby will be born death, that is, as a ghost baby. The chance increases as the Sim is more advanced in her pregnancy.

To read more click Here