Saturday, March 30, 2013

Romance of Yesteryear

Romance of Yesteryear bedroom set has 9 objects (1 not recolorable): bed, end table, dresser, mirror, orchid, rug, paiting, bed cover and table lamp.

I hope you like it!


Download Here

Huntering Student Room

University is here! Yay! This room was created with the mature student in mind from the desk to the stain glass to the wood carved duck. Whatever the age what's not to like!;)

Included in the set:

Single bed (3 variations)
Bookcase with stain glass doors and slots for decor(3 variations)
Student desk
Stain glass table lamp in (3 variations)
Picture using patterns...completely recolourable.
Wood carved Duck
Right and left sheer curtains

Download Here

Island Paradise Cover Discovered

Island Paradise Cover Discovered has unveiled the cover for Island Paradise early. Please note that this is a provisional box cover, which indicates that changes to the final version may/can be applied at a later time.

Source: VIP Sims

Special thanks to Greeneya and Harrykotiej
Paradise Island cover

Friday, March 29, 2013

3 New Swimsuits

oday I have for you 3 new swimsuits. All were made using a mixture of EA textures. Each swimsuit has 3 presets as well.
Available for:
Comes in both Sims3Pack and .package files.

Tier Cake Easter Dress for Girls

Presenting the Tier Cake Easter Dress for children, woooo! After all the hair tearing I can finally put it up. It has three presets and three recolorable channels (frills and separate dress panels). The dress can be found in everyday and formal wear.
Note: The dress still has a minor flaw where two vertices will go a bit higher than the rest when running or walking, but only a little bit. I have tried to fix it but I ran into the same problem as with the legs. I either fix it and screw everything else up in the layers or leave it be and most of it still behaves.

Download Here

Garden set "Jimmy" (new mesh)

The mesh is colored.
The set consists of the Bank, the chair and the table.
Add-ons: LF, LN, LA, GGA, RA, TK, ET, SN, ST
Category: garden bench, garden chair - Kompfort
garden table - table ( Created with Milkshape + TSR Workshop.)
A new mesh of Fanny.

Download Here

Easter arrangement (new mesh)

The vase decorat and the bows are dyed.
Add-ons: LF, LN, LA, GGA, RA, TK, ET, SN, ST, TSA
Category: (. Created with TSR Workshop Milkshape +) decor / Plant
A new mesh of Fanny.

Download Here

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

September inflatable outdoor

Easter (new mesh)

The Easter itself is not colorable, the eggs on the other hand can be colored.
Add-ons: LF, LN, LA, GGA, RA, TK, ET, SN, ST
Category: (. Created with Milkshape + TSR Workshop) decor / miscellaneous
A new mesh of Fanny.
 Sims 3 Easter, decor, objects

Download Here

Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrity Sim Alyssa Diaz as Army Wives-Gloria Cruz

Yay! Finally a finished sim today. 


Over at Simlogical I got a request from Silverio to make sims of the characters from Army Wives. I have a few more of them in the making and one finally finished. Here's Alyssa Diaz as Gloria Cruz from the show, Army Wives.

The sim pic above has her with a Supernatural hairdo that looks more like the real person, however she's uploaded with the base game hair in the below pic.

Her Bio from reads as follows:

"Gloria Cruz is an outspoken and emotionally charged firecracker from the Bronx. She met her ex-husband Hector online, married and followed him to Fort Marshall after a whirlwind courtship. At first skeptical of the Army and the FRG, it was Roxy who gave her a group of friends and a job. Ultimately Hector’s immature ways and loose interpretation of fidelity resulted in Gloria’s decision to divorce him and move on. Now single and the manager of the Hump, she is poised for a fresh start."

You can find more Here

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This & That

Around the Sims 3
With the Seasons expansion pack, I was really happy to see that Sims could ice-skate on frozen ponds! But I didn't like the huge roller-skate rings. So, I made a road sign (car-park sign or roller skate sign) that works like the roller skate rings. Click on it, and skate!

I've been simulating an university in my town forever, long time before the University EP, and I've been needed some basic university furniture forever, but when rumors began to run about a real Uni EP, I had decided to hold on this need, thinking EA would release something similar in the Uni EP. Well, no. So, here are the ones I was expecting! :p

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunset St. Bld. Coffee Shop

Are your Sims looking for a place to geek out or grab a cup of coffee? Check out Sunset St. Building by saitouamy on The Sims 3 Exchange! Don't forget to recommend!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sims 3 Survey: “Create a Store Set”

Sims 3 Survey: “Create a Store Set”

Is there anything you want created for the game via The Sims 3 Store? Now’s your chance to share your thoughts! Take the 3 question survey from The Sims 3 Team, and maybe your idea will be created!

Do you want to help decide what future content we release at the Sims 3 Store? If so, fill out our survey

Monday, March 4, 2013

Modern Room Dining Set

This set includes

Dining Table
Dining Chair
Side Table
2 Vases
And shelf

I hope you enjoy this set! :)

Download Here

Huntering Master Bedroom Suite

Calling all hunters,anglers and sports men/women...this ultra masculine bedroom is for you! But of course that's just a suggestion. The headboard will change the effect of the whole room. Have fun choosing any pattern to suit your style!

This is the first of 2 for the 2nd will be a student bedroom variation...just in time for university.

Included in this master suite is:

Tall Dresser (armoire)
Mirror for the dresser or wall mirror
End Table
Double Bed
Throw Blanket
Jewel Box 3 recolourable channels
The Fox Hunt-a painting by artist John Sanderson-Wells

Download Here