Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrity Sim Alyssa Diaz as Army Wives-Gloria Cruz

Yay! Finally a finished sim today. 


Over at Simlogical I got a request from Silverio to make sims of the characters from Army Wives. I have a few more of them in the making and one finally finished. Here's Alyssa Diaz as Gloria Cruz from the show, Army Wives.

The sim pic above has her with a Supernatural hairdo that looks more like the real person, however she's uploaded with the base game hair in the below pic.

Her Bio from reads as follows:

"Gloria Cruz is an outspoken and emotionally charged firecracker from the Bronx. She met her ex-husband Hector online, married and followed him to Fort Marshall after a whirlwind courtship. At first skeptical of the Army and the FRG, it was Roxy who gave her a group of friends and a job. Ultimately Hector’s immature ways and loose interpretation of fidelity resulted in Gloria’s decision to divorce him and move on. Now single and the manager of the Hump, she is poised for a fresh start."

You can find more Here

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