Saturday, April 28, 2012

Accountant Career for Sims 3

For this custom career to show up in game, you'll need Twallan's Careers Mod

You only need to download the MissyHissy_Accountant_Career file. The Language Strings file is for translators

Only the Base game is needed for this career to work. This was made with patch 1.29 and works with 1.31-1.33. I don't know if it works with patch levels below 1.29 but I don't see why it shouldn't.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fantasy Payama

Pajamas with lace, suitable for day and evening wear
Creator Notes
thre areas recolor.
  • Type: Outfits
  • Style: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic
  • Age: Young Adult, Adult
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Sims 3 Expansion Pack 7 Icon?

iSims has located a hidden file in the “FeaturedItems” part of The Sims 3 folder called “content_icon_conceptsicon.hide”.
I wonder, if these are true, what the next expansion will be – Seasons or Magic? But, I quite like the middle one..
Please note: This is a rumour – iSims did NOT create these images – it was a fan who posted it on their FB wall.


Future Seasons EP Interactions? NOPE!

SimCookie has supposedly found some info on an EA server or maybe a patch about a Seasons EP. Mainly interactions and dialog.
This info is from memories. Their descriptions. Like from the tree house and etc. Oh well…
- Snow ball
- Special snowflakes
- Footprints in the Snow
- Is that … snow?
- Melted Snowman
- Snowflake
- No Chance of Rain
- Batten down the hatches, There Be a nasty storm brewing and enemies closing fast! You lad, look sharp!
- Storm
- This grass looks great in the Fall.
- It’s hard to argue That There Is Any tree more beautiful Than a cherry tree in the springtime.
- Harvest Rain Song
- Song at Sunset
– The weather report forecasted sunshine, drank For some reason it looks like it HAS snowed in the principal’s office! 0.SimFirstName {} Would not Know anything about this, right?
- A rainstorm indoors?! Well, now you’ve seen everything …
- Whoa! That last door opening has unleashed huge torrent of water. You just barely swam to safety.
- The clouds are so thick you-can barely see Where You’re going. If only You Had a fog light.
- What’s with all this water? You’re a fireman, not a lifeguard!
- The outdoors are beckoning your Sim to leave the indoors behind and enjoy the great outdoors. Your Sim wants to have fun in the sun!
- Play Outside
- Cold Sun
- Old Sun
- That Was a great day! Just enjoying the sun and a Good meal … why can not Every Day Be like that one?
- A trip to the park is a fun way to enjoy the sun and fresh air, though one HAS to watch out for the muddy patches!
- Gum on the Shoe
– Tropic Twister
- Milkshake
If legit, could this be for EP 8? Or could weather be included with Magic in EP 7? Would be nice if EA made an EP 7 announcement soon.
Thanks to iSims for the tip!

Cheeky Monkey Pyjamas for Toddler Boys

This is a Set with several Items

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Cute Cheeky Monkey Pyjamas for your boy toddlers. This item comes in three variations and has three recolourable parts. Monkey non-recolourable. Custom launcher and CAS thumbnails included. (If you like this, please hit the 'like' button above - thank you! :-))

TSR Workshop.

    Type: Outfits
    Style: Sleepwear
    Age: Toddler

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Barna Bedroom

This is a Set with several Items

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Bored with the old furniture? A fresh classical bedroom for your sims! Shelves over your bed and some neccessary clutter.

Creator Notes
All items are recolorable. ¤ Base game compatible. Game patch: 1.33 ¤ Please do not re-upload them as your work, give a link back! You can freely use them on TSR! ¤ Thank you for the Screenshot Backdrop Murano! The single items' previews are taken before it. ¤ Here you can download the collection file: Barna Bedroom Collection File. ¤ Furnishing hints: First place the bed, after it the end tables - they will jump close to the bed. After it the wall will jump over them. You will need "moveobjects on" cheat to place some items like on the preview image. With pressing "alt", you can place the objects more freely. The blanket and the pillows are only decoration, they will not work with the bed-animation! ¤ Here you can find the beautiful clutters I used from Wolfspryte on the preview image: The Perfect Touch Living Collection ¤ The woods on the previews will be downloadable here soon: Simple Wood Patterns.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Minerva Rewards

Minerva Rewards: It's about time somebody came up with something like this! Brilliant idea. Totally awesome.

Giraffe Sleepwear for Toddlers

This is a Set with several Items
Cute Giraffe Sleepwear for Toddlers this set comes in two parts - one for the girls and one for the boys. Each set has three variations included and three recolourable parts together with custom launcher and CAS thumbnails.
TSR Workshop.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is a Set with several Items
Get your simmies ready for Easter! Four different decorative items in classic pastel colors of the Holiday! Enjoy :)
Creator Notes
NOT RECOLORABLE! Only item that is recolorable are the Egg Candle Stick BASE..
EA, TSRW, Milkshape 3D, Wings 3D, Lithunwrap, Photoshop

Friday, April 6, 2012


This is a Set with several Items

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asiaset05 adult, young adult , teen... adidas eweryday, sleepwear, athletic

Age: Teen, Young Adult, Adult
TSRAA: Yes - More about TSRAA

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Easter 2012 Kit

This is a Set with several Items
A special set for Easter with some useful and totally useless items! Try them out to see what they are good for!
Creator Notes
All items are recolorable except the toy. ¤ Base game compatible. Game patch: 1.33 ¤ Please do not re-upload them as your work, give a link back! You can freely use them on TSR! ¤ The pictures are all taken in the game, I used Murano's Screenshot Backdrop to make them! .

Sleepi Kids

This is a Set with several Items
Sleepi bears a perfect way to lull your kids into a restful slumber.

Set includes Armoire,Bed,Chair,Changing mat,Changing table,Crib,Crib bedding,Cube tables,Curtain 1 tile,Dresser,End table,Rocking horse,Sulpture seal,Shelf,Wall decal,Wall deco,Sleepi pattern.
Creator Notes
Armoire,changing table and rocking horse have slots added for deco placement.
The bed due to its design fits a little from the wall.
All items can be recolored including the pattern.

Items need at least pets Patch 1.26 to work

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Garage Gear

This is a Set with several Items
Does your garage look more like a storage locker? Got a car in it, but not much else, eh? Well these items will help decorate the room that no one likes to think about. Set includes a workbench that can be used as a desk, 3 cabinets which were cloned from the towel rack (I thought that was appropriate) so that they can be used over stoves and washing machines as well as move up and down the walls for placement, and a sports organizer which has an end table on the lower area and 3 extra decorative slots for small items on the top area. (Hint: Hold your item OVER the slot you want to place it on.) Now your garage will look as decorated as the rest of your home! All items tested in game - Homes by Illiana
Creator Notes
I have WA, Ambitions, and Late Night expansions. I DO patch my game.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Babies 2012 * free now*

This little Set is combined out of a request for the Bassinet and the Rockingchair (inspired by Potterybarn)and a modern Stroller and Highchair, a Bassinet in a washingbasket and a Pillow which can be placed on a Loveseat or Sofa and works like a Crip as you can see in the preview.
We hope you enjoy the extra Content in your Game
Creator Notes
The stroller works only with Generations installed

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asiaset03 4 item child clothing 2 new mesh

Kitten Pyjamas for Toddler Girls

This is a Set with several Items
Pretty pyjamas for toddler girls with a cute kitten on the top. This set comes in two parts, tops and bottoms. There are three variations for each. The tops have three recolourable parts and the bottoms have two recolourable parts. Both have custom launcher and CAS thumbnails.
TSR Workshop, Hair by Ulker