Thursday, April 19, 2012

Future Seasons EP Interactions? NOPE!

SimCookie has supposedly found some info on an EA server or maybe a patch about a Seasons EP. Mainly interactions and dialog.
This info is from memories. Their descriptions. Like from the tree house and etc. Oh well…
- Snow ball
- Special snowflakes
- Footprints in the Snow
- Is that … snow?
- Melted Snowman
- Snowflake
- No Chance of Rain
- Batten down the hatches, There Be a nasty storm brewing and enemies closing fast! You lad, look sharp!
- Storm
- This grass looks great in the Fall.
- It’s hard to argue That There Is Any tree more beautiful Than a cherry tree in the springtime.
- Harvest Rain Song
- Song at Sunset
– The weather report forecasted sunshine, drank For some reason it looks like it HAS snowed in the principal’s office! 0.SimFirstName {} Would not Know anything about this, right?
- A rainstorm indoors?! Well, now you’ve seen everything …
- Whoa! That last door opening has unleashed huge torrent of water. You just barely swam to safety.
- The clouds are so thick you-can barely see Where You’re going. If only You Had a fog light.
- What’s with all this water? You’re a fireman, not a lifeguard!
- The outdoors are beckoning your Sim to leave the indoors behind and enjoy the great outdoors. Your Sim wants to have fun in the sun!
- Play Outside
- Cold Sun
- Old Sun
- That Was a great day! Just enjoying the sun and a Good meal … why can not Every Day Be like that one?
- A trip to the park is a fun way to enjoy the sun and fresh air, though one HAS to watch out for the muddy patches!
- Gum on the Shoe
– Tropic Twister
- Milkshake
If legit, could this be for EP 8? Or could weather be included with Magic in EP 7? Would be nice if EA made an EP 7 announcement soon.
Thanks to iSims for the tip!

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