Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Barna Bedroom

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Bored with the old furniture? A fresh classical bedroom for your sims! Shelves over your bed and some neccessary clutter.

Creator Notes
All items are recolorable. ¤ Base game compatible. Game patch: 1.33 ¤ Please do not re-upload them as your work, give a link back! You can freely use them on TSR! ¤ Thank you for the Screenshot Backdrop Murano! The single items' previews are taken before it. ¤ Here you can download the collection file: Barna Bedroom Collection File. ¤ Furnishing hints: First place the bed, after it the end tables - they will jump close to the bed. After it the wall will jump over them. You will need "moveobjects on" cheat to place some items like on the preview image. With pressing "alt", you can place the objects more freely. The blanket and the pillows are only decoration, they will not work with the bed-animation! ¤ Here you can find the beautiful clutters I used from Wolfspryte on the preview image: The Perfect Touch Living Collection ¤ The woods on the previews will be downloadable here soon: Simple Wood Patterns.

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