Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Garage Gear

This is a Set with several Items
Does your garage look more like a storage locker? Got a car in it, but not much else, eh? Well these items will help decorate the room that no one likes to think about. Set includes a workbench that can be used as a desk, 3 cabinets which were cloned from the towel rack (I thought that was appropriate) so that they can be used over stoves and washing machines as well as move up and down the walls for placement, and a sports organizer which has an end table on the lower area and 3 extra decorative slots for small items on the top area. (Hint: Hold your item OVER the slot you want to place it on.) Now your garage will look as decorated as the rest of your home! All items tested in game - Homes by Illiana
Creator Notes
I have WA, Ambitions, and Late Night expansions. I DO patch my game.

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