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Coming Soon 2

Hey Guys, another Exclusive Sneak Peek at content that you'll find in the future of The Sims 3 Store! Now we're sure that you're excited about it (we are too!) but we want to know what you think! 

Next up: The Rock Climbing Wall! This Rock Climbing wall is a tall statuesque monument to your Sims fitness. Climb the highest peaks, the tallest towers, prove that you're not afraid of heights! But most of all, don't fall off. 

Coming Soon 1

Hey Guys, 

Sorry to post so many sneak peeks in a row! For those who don't know, these sneak peeks are features in the Holiday Countdown promotion! For those who DO know, these were supposed to be a bit more spaced out than this. >.< But a few things that I'm trying to make happen are getting a bit stalled, so we'll see towards the end of the month!  


This is some content coming soon to the store, and we're wondering if you remember it? Any die hard Sims Fans out there recognize the set in the image? 

If you're new to the set, what do you think? 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Inflatable Kids Pool - Arm Band

Covered Litter Box *Free*

This covered litter box is pretty much what I use for my cat in real life. I cloned litter box uber so your sims don't need to clean it in game. Oh, and there is a bonus cat toy piggy! It's functional and very cute.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Candles

I have for you today some candles these are a set of 7 candles in total. These are Modified Ea Base game candles that are really tall and sorta short and in between the flames are full functional like a candle they flicker when lit and you get the pretty smoke effect after putting them out.   These are fully recolorable but unfortunately Patterns do not take well at all to these  you have been fore warned. They look best in Solid Colors.  

Shabby Chic Nursery

This set includes iron crib, crib skirt, frog toy, potty chair, and toy basket.

Christmas Extra

Pictures Of Kitchen Clutter

Garage Sale Sims Items

While I'm working on something much bigger winking I have a small set for you (finally!) I saw this really really cute set at BPS and I had to convert it.Credit goes to Betsy4Arts.Thanks for the meshes smile

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sleepy Time Toddler Bed

 Updated for 1.26!

Toddler beds are the transition between baby cribs and big kid beds for our little nibblets. They're sorta like a training device for sleeping without bars, rails or anything else of the lot. I even remember briefly having a toddler bed when I was little before I stepped up to my own full size bed.

Christmas Dining

A christmas dining set in a cottage style. The wall Decor Picture is not included and will be available from Wolfspryte soon. The christmas Tree is from Riccinumbers. patterns from Mysteryjack ans Flovv . The bell is a lamp. the set is fully recolourable. Merry Christmas from lulu

Sweet Treats by Tinkle

Sweet Treats


- Peppermint Bark Tin
- Ribbon Candy Tin
- Hot Chocolate Beverage Mix
(+ Peppermint Coffee Recolor)
- Snowman Hot Chocolate Mug
- Sweet Mittens

* Not Cast-able
* Found under Decor/Miscellaneous Decor for $5 each

Christmas Morning Breakfast by Tinkle

Christmas Morning Breakfast

New Meshes that include:

- Muffin Serving Tray with Hot Chocolate

- Dishware

- Hot Chocolate Fixings

- Donut Tree

* Not Cast-able
* Found under Decor/Miscellaneous Decor for $5 each

Click Here to download

Friday, December 9, 2011

MY Staircase

Always wanted continous railings? Grab your chance. Ideally for decorating your CFE-stairs, like the preview screenshot. It includes: a stairs with covering, a fence, 4 railings (2 with walls, 2 for the left) and 3 additional decorative railings (horizontal, concave and convex).

Some pieces of raillings required moveobjects on for a correct placement

Cleaning and Laundry

Had to make some things to clean out that Dusty Basement of CSue's. I mean REALLY! Then of course had to wash everything ewwww and noticed a total lack of vacuums and shelving for the Laundry room. So here are some extras. There is a left shelf and a right shelf so you can use both or only one. A Laundry bag and a smaller laundry bin.

wedding 2 decor annflower1

- Glasses of the groom and the bride - A wedding pie (decor) - A small pillow with rings - Rings on a table with colors (at will of a ring for the car) - Wedding posters (5) - A heart sculpture - Champagne of the groom and the bride - Spheres air to a ceiling..

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