Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Balete Halloween Corner

 Want to have Halloween decorations on your house that does NOT scream HALLOWEEN? Here is the perfect versatile set for you, perfect for corners and hallways of your house to have a touch of Spooky Day.

Creator Notes
Sorry for the late Halloween Set.
Collection File: http://www.mediafire.com/?7759u5fdkq3a2vy

Includes five (5) new meshes: Lamp, Painting, Cloches, Table, and Screens

Base Game compatible
Tested on Latest Patch
Please do NOT re-upload and claim as yours..

Download Here

Happy Halloween 2013

 This set contains 3 decorative objects for Halloween, a display tray that has 7 container slots for small decorative objects and a plant.

Gerbera Vase
Halloween Mugs
Serving Tray
Halloween Plant Pot Holder
Colocasia Plant

Download Here

Accessory Hairband Bats, Roses, Pumpkins

Baby Blue & Rose

Hello Everyone! For today I present to you this nursery set. It's very simple and made in two variant of color using the usual thematic of blue for boys and pink for girl walls ,rugs and paintings, with always my favorite teddy bear style.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)

Download Here

All for bed set

 Have you never wanted to make your own bed ? Sometimes I need more simple beds and bedding and want my own headboard, not those that come with the bed. So I decided to make separate parts to build my own bed for whichever style I need.
Here is my first part.
Different headboards and canopy will follow.

Download Here

Land Nursery


Adele by Any

Overall Jumpsuit

 A cute little overall outfit in a jumpsuit. Made from a mixture of edited EA textures. Comes in presets shown and has 4 recolorable channels.

Available for:


Comes in both Sims3Pack and .package files.

Download Here

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - PC/Mac

  • Be it by paddleboat or speedboat, your Sims can now leave port to discover new lands and explore like never before, from inter-island travel to discovering their own uncharted island
  • Create a family-friendly resort of waterslides and buffet tables, a romantic retreat dotted with minimalist cottages, or a singles resort featuring multiple pool bars where Sims can mingle and flirt. Choose and fine-tune your amenities, set your prices, and wait for the reviews and Simoleons to pour in.
  • See what surprises await under the sea as your Sims build their skills in snorkeling/scuba diving. Your Sims may find them on the shore of a new island or discover sunken or buried treasure.
  • New stilted foundations give your Sims the best of both worlds, a home that's partially on the water and partially on land. Build a resort, create travelling houseboats, and customize your very own island paradise for your Sims!
  • Requires The Sims 3 to play.

1428 Elm Street Nightmare

1428 Elm Street Nightmare

Nightmare on Elm Street – Das Haus aus dem Horrorfilm mit Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger Nightmare

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) ist schon ein Traum-Typ, aber nicht in positivem Sinn.

MARINE children's room by Dada

Sunday, October 20, 2013

4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Bright, cheerful, and vibrant home appliance: 4-Door French Door Refrigerator for your Sims. New mesh, base game compatible, 3 recolorable zones plus 2 styles with graphics

57 4 Door French Door Refrigerator

Download Here 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

 I made a Pumpkin Patch for a contest over on the official forums, but I cant get it to upload so I cant enter :(
I thought I may as well share the pics of it here with you all, seeing as it took me ages to make as does everything I do lol
If I can get it to work I will come back and share a upload link!

Check For Download

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kidsroom "Dollhouse"

Bedroom furniture and decor for children's rooms in country style. 11 items: a doll house, a bed, a desk lamp, sofa bench with pillows, bedspread, curtains, decor: hats and paintings. Dollhouse is the shelves, made in two versions - the left and right orientation (if want to set for two children). The sofa is made in the form of a garden bench and it can be used for decorating the garden / plot, so the pillows are going at it alone. All objects disguise.

Curved OLED TV

18 Curved OLED TV
Ultra HD Curved OLED TV, ultimate High-Tech wonder better in every possible way, directly from Shows in your Sims 3 game. Built from scratch on a new custom mesh, placeable anywhere, base game compatible, fully recolorable and functional for a enhanced experience in your Sims life.

Download Here

Espresso machine

17 Espresso machine
Best home espresso machine for your Sims. New custom mesh built from 0, fully functional as hot beverage machine, base game compatible, 3 styles included

Download Here

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Small Suburban

The Small Suburban is a classic Suburban-style single garage house. Featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a good-sized kitchen with separate dining room, it is perfect for that growing Sim family!

Download Here

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aida Farm

Verze nainstalované hry/Version of the installed games:
  • Soubor PACK:Dokumenty-ElectronicArts-Downloads a instalujte přes Spouštěč
  • Soubor PACKAGE: Dokumenty-ElectronicArts-Library a máte nainstalováno :)
  • Pack:Decuments-ElectronicArts-TheSims3-Downloads and install with Luncher
  • Package: Documents-ElectronicArts-TheSims3-Library

Mobile phone

34 Mobile phoneMobile phone that actually work like a fixed telephone for Sims 3 and isn’t only decor, even if the design is from the lovely latest iPhone 5. New mesh built from scratch by me. When the Sims pick up the phone the mesh doesn’t replace the telephone original mesh in hand, so this is a aesthetically minus that I couldn’t fix it ( if anyone have an idea how to do this please let me know…) , base game compatible, 4 styles included: 2 white, 2 black and with display on and off.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Antonio’s Pizzeria and Heirloom Bridal

Antonio’s Pizzeria and Heirloom Bridal share a lot with the Theater RH that came with Supernatural. I might eventually turn the RH into a playable cinema, but for now I’m happy having it like this. If you look carefully through the window pictures, you might catch a glimpse of the upcoming nerd shop and coffee house lot!
The lot size is 30x40, and it’s labelled as visitors allowed. In Cottonwood Hills this lot is located at 7 Oak Avenue.

Halliwell Manor (Charmed) - No CC/Store

This is The Halliwell Manor as seen on the TV show 'Charmed'.

Man oh man, the amount of times I've attempted to build this lot is just insane. I've finally come up with a version that I'm happy with though; an amalgam of the studio set used for interior scenes and the real life house used for the iconic exterior shots, without sacrificing too much of either, but coming up with a fully routable and playable house that makes sense. 
The lot is wider to include a garage, because a four bedroom house without one didn't seem right, and there are now 3 full bathrooms instead of just the one seen on the show. The nursery was moved to the larger front room which I think was meant to be a sewing room but never shown, and the attic shape has been slightly altered to mould to the exterior. Apart from these and a few other minor differences to ease routing, the house feels relatively similar to what was seen on the show and is extremely playable.
So, I'm happy I can finally share this lot after countless failed attempts and much hair pulling, I hope you like it! 

Download Here

Monday, October 7, 2013

Don’t Put the Baby Down (Changing Table Mod)


This mod replaces the Give Bath and Change Clothes interactions on the Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station with versions of the interactions that do not put the baby on the floor when the interaction is finished.  After using the Give Bath or Change Clothes interactions, your sim will continue holding the baby or toddler and will not place the baby/toddler on the floor.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Seal Bedroom

Hi Simmers! This is the next part of my Seal appartment. The bedroom.
This set contains: bed, cushions (2 differents), 2 blankets (1 for winter and 1 for summer), endtable, tablelamp, vase with flower and the pics. I hope you enjoy it!
* Requires patch 1.26 or newer.

Downloads sims 3:Animal Kids Chairs

Cape Cod Classic

This is a pretty big cape cod style home done in classic muted colors.

First Floor: 2-car garage, kitchen, dining room, laundry, bathroom, study, master bedroom and bath, great room
Second Floor: kids' room, baby/toddler room, gym-type room, bathroom
Outdoors: pool, patio and barbeque

Price (Furnished): 123,905
Price (Unfurnished): 76,332
Lot Size: 40x30
Built with patch 1.55
Built with World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, High-End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane Stuff, Outdoor Living Stuff, & Master Suite Stuff

Download Here

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Sunset Valley

New Sunset Valley ist eine erweiterte Sunset Valley-Nachbarschaft, die alle Vorzüge von Sunset Valley beibehält und mit den Features aus allen Erweiterungspacks ergänzt ist. New Sunset Valley ist eine benutzerdefinierte Welt für Die Sims 3, entstand im Rahmen eines Community-Projekts und steht kostenlos und exklusiv auf SimFans.de als Download bereit.