Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halliwell Manor (Charmed) - No CC/Store

This is The Halliwell Manor as seen on the TV show 'Charmed'.

Man oh man, the amount of times I've attempted to build this lot is just insane. I've finally come up with a version that I'm happy with though; an amalgam of the studio set used for interior scenes and the real life house used for the iconic exterior shots, without sacrificing too much of either, but coming up with a fully routable and playable house that makes sense. 
The lot is wider to include a garage, because a four bedroom house without one didn't seem right, and there are now 3 full bathrooms instead of just the one seen on the show. The nursery was moved to the larger front room which I think was meant to be a sewing room but never shown, and the attic shape has been slightly altered to mould to the exterior. Apart from these and a few other minor differences to ease routing, the house feels relatively similar to what was seen on the show and is extremely playable.
So, I'm happy I can finally share this lot after countless failed attempts and much hair pulling, I hope you like it! 

Download Here

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