Monday, September 30, 2013

Female sweater

Autumn Casual


- a casual outfit for your sims for the Autumn
-consists of a tshirt, dress and tight leggings
-3 recolourable channels, dress, tshirt and jeans
-lovely in all patterns and colours
-Belt not recolourable

Hillcrest Cove: A World that is Finally Finished

Yes, it is finally finished. I have lost count how many years I have spent looking at this world, sometimes in awe and sometimes with great resentment. Well it is finally finished (or at least meeting my minimum requirements for what I think finished should be). It is not perfect, the usable space is small with the landscape dictating the design of the world. However I still love it, and I hope you all do too, even if many may not forgive the time it has taken for me to overcome the relentless frustration I have experienced creating this world. Hillcrest cove is classed as a large world (2048x2048) with 112 lots, both community and residential (53 community, 59 residential), with 21 of those lots being vacant. It was named after the mound found in the centre of the map in the Hillcrest reservoir. Nestled into the rolling hills, the lush landscaping and the mixture of ash, cottonwood and chestnut livens up the scenery. This was vision of the perfect world for me and the closest I came to making it reality.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Huntering Nursery


For our wee Sims and continuing in the Huntering Series here is a sweet little nursery. I really hope you like the scooter...what fun to make! There is also a full size rocking chair to lull your bone weary Sims. ;)
There are the requisite 3 variations in keeping with series and more lovely pieces to add to your growing collection. The duck bookends are certainly something that can be used in almost any room.

Creator Notes
A very special and warm thank you to Freddie for her guidance in setting up the screenshots for the preview of the set. Thank you also to Flovv, Lulu265 and Wolfspryte for there input and patience in helping creating this set.

The rocking chair and rocking horse is from the Supernaturals Expansion Pack which you will need in order for the animations to work correctly.

Just a hint for placing the objects easily...hold down the alt key while move your object into place :)

Download Here

Collection File

Fnuggi Playard


The Fnuggi Playard set was designed to be used in the livingroom or in the garden - to keep your baby close when you're busy!
Creator Notes
The playard is actually a crib, but due to the playpen design there is no animated gate. The set was designed for babies but feel free to put in a toddler, just be aware that the animations will be off. The toy gym is purely a decorative object :)
and on a more personal note: This is my very first set! yay! :D So a special thanks goes out to Sim_man123 for patiently answering my never-ending string of questions xD couldn't have done this without his patient guidance :) so thank you!.

Download Here 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coroso set

"Coroso" Set by annej.
A country style set for your sims.Rugs, pillows and wall tapestry will follow.


Well... here it is! After several days of editing, I think I got it to a *decent* level. If you remember the suggestions post here you will see how it's no longer straight on top. I would have loved to keep it that way, but the mapping prevented it. The bangs look more natural now though.

And I edited the textures to try and prevent the blandness that happens on darker colors. The black in the below previews is EA's black and not the Pooklet black. If you go that dark/much darker, the texture blends in together. If I knew a way to prevent that without making the lighter colors look bad, I would. :( So I have some different previews with different colors.

Set baking gingerbread

Small set for New Year and Christmas.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Farm Fresh Folk Set

Are the chickens and horses lonely on your Sim's farm? Enter the Farm Fresh Folk Set with the Milkin' It Dairy Corral and your problems are solved! In addition to cows (YES, COWS!), you'll get a whole new set of pioneer-inspired clothing and home decor to help you create the perfect farm! Your Sims are one step closer to self-sufficient living...

Store Link: Click Here

Download Here 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Escalinatas deco

Cute Carpets II

This is a Set with several Items
This set contains five cute and colorful carpets!

We hope you like it!
Creator Notes
Needs only Basegame!.

Schoolgirl Clothes Pile (Small)

This is a default replacement of the small clothing pile that Sims drop when changing outfits. So now instead of a yellow t-shirt and jeans, you will have a summer school dress and bright pink panties! 

  • Built & Compatible With Game Version
  • Requires Ambitions & Late Night Expansion Packs

Schoolgirl Clothes Line

This is a default replacement of the clothing items on the Ambitions Clothes Line to be more school-like!

  • Built & Compatible With Game Version
  • Requires Ambitions Expansion Pack


Objects like the tv show called Friends.

Some nice stuff remins me of the show and how its still on today....

Look at the Link Here

Professional gas range

Professional gas range includes the best stove parts from EA and a lot of custom meshes improvements for the ultimate Sims 3 cooking machine. 3 recolorable parts, fully functional, base game compatible, 3 designs included.

1 Professional gas range

Download Here

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sims 3 Store: Join the MOOvement!


This is probably one of the most anticipated sets and who can disagree? Everyone loves cows! Designer Copeland shares all the fun things about cows below. Make sure to check back on Thursday, September 5th to be the first to get a cow!

A few weeks ago I sent out a Tweet that said, “Guess what? I’ve got a fever…” well today I’m here to tell you that the only prescription is more cowbell!

That’s right… we’re going out to pasture with the all new “Milkin’ It Dairy Corral”!

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Source: VIP SIMS