Saturday, September 28, 2013

Huntering Nursery


For our wee Sims and continuing in the Huntering Series here is a sweet little nursery. I really hope you like the scooter...what fun to make! There is also a full size rocking chair to lull your bone weary Sims. ;)
There are the requisite 3 variations in keeping with series and more lovely pieces to add to your growing collection. The duck bookends are certainly something that can be used in almost any room.

Creator Notes
A very special and warm thank you to Freddie for her guidance in setting up the screenshots for the preview of the set. Thank you also to Flovv, Lulu265 and Wolfspryte for there input and patience in helping creating this set.

The rocking chair and rocking horse is from the Supernaturals Expansion Pack which you will need in order for the animations to work correctly.

Just a hint for placing the objects easily...hold down the alt key while move your object into place :)

Download Here

Collection File

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