Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baking Ingredients


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Just in time for holiday baking, here are fourteen kitchen clutter meshes that include baking powder, baking soda, fudge sauce, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, cooking spray, raisins, molasses, vanilla extract, spices, yeast and a single spice.

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A Major Award


Husband, reading out loud as he unpacks a strange lamp from a wooden crate: “F-R-A-G-I-L-E … Fra-gee-lay … why, it must be Italian!”
Wife: “I think it says Fragile, honey.”

~ From A Christmas Story, by Jean Shepherd

Yes, this is a simization of that iconic leg lamp from the classic movie, A Christmas Story. While Dot over at TSR created it for Sims 2, I was unable to find a Sims 3 version…so I made one myself. This is an entirely new mesh, and not based in any way on anyone else’s.

The Gam O’ Glam comes with three preset variations, and is recolorable in three channels. It functions as a normal lamp, with all the typical lamplike abilities. One of the presets has a non-recolorable black lace garter.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Modeling Career


You will need Twallans Custom Career Mod found here: - You need to download the base-mod to make this career work.

Changed rabbithole to Theatre so everyone can play the career contrary to the movie set. patch Compatibility is v1.36. Works with Patch 1.38 I am not sure if it works for lower patch.
Language is only in English for now.

The Modelling Career was requested by Denise Williams. The level 1 of the career (Model Wannabe) has negative salary since this is the entry level of the modelling career you need to make sure you invest on yourself and look presentable to be discovered by an agent to officially become a model.

The Rabbithole is at the Theatre  

Labor Leaks - puddles appear when birth starts!

Have you ever noticed that when your sims give birth, there is no mess? While some people might think it's gross, this mod if for those always looking for more realism in their game. With this XML tuning mod, your sims waters will actually break when they're going into childbirth. Puddles will appear around your sims feet, just like the ones sims get when they pee themselves or if a toilet breaks down! It comes in several a few flavours.

EAxis - 0 puddles appear during birth - (this is the default value set in game)
A Drop - 1 puddle appears during birth
A Splash - 2 puddles appear during birth
A Gallon - 3 puddles appear during birth
A Pool - 4 puddles appear during birth
A Flood - 5 puddles appear during birth

You can only have ONE of the flavours of the Labor Leaks mod in your game at any one time. This edits the Pregnancy XML file, so any other mods affecting pregnancy may conflict with mine. Does not conflict with any of my mods. Should not conflict with any of Twallan's mods or AwesomeMod.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Custom Books - Twilight, Hunger Games, Hitchhiker's - oh, my!

Give your Sims the freedom to read real world books!

This Mod injects a few new books into your bookstores and (hopefully) libraries. The books range from touching stories like The Green Mile to bestsellers like The Hunger Games. I have tried to stay as close to the real books as possible, down to genres and page numbers.

All six of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books - the five by Douglas Adams, including the new sixth one written by Eoin Colfer (credited as such)
All three main Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R Tolkien
The Green Mile and 11/22/63 by Stephen King
All seven Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling
All three Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins
All four Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer

Download Here

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let’s play Outfit recolor


Today I thought I'd get something for the little guys like it gefärbt.Hoffe.
Mesh is available here:  TSR

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Sims 3 University

Oh dear, here we are again. And this time it was no one but Origin itself!  We found out that the page for the 9th expansion pack was leaked. And it is The Sims 3 University!
The page was found on Origin Russia and Germany, which leaves very little room for other theories.. but then again, until the official announcement, this must be labeled as a rumor!

Thoughts and opinions? 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

FREE Seasonal Door Mats 1x1 FREE


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Hi.. I did this just for fun.. there was a request on TSR Facebook for some doormats.. so.. here they are.
There are 8 variations for each one... Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Holidays... I also threw in a 2x2 Welcome mat... there are two variations.. one with the word Welcome and one just plain.. :) I hope you enjoy these!

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Download Here

Bedroom Susie

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Created by Severinka,

Full bedroom for your Sims out of 17 pieces of furniture and decor. I made two color options - 'ardent' and 'sweet'. But all the objects you can repaint your taste.

The set includes:
wardrobe with mirror inserts (function mirror)
wall mirror
dresser for clothes
double bed
end tables
coffee table
shelf on the wall
blanket on the bed
table lamp
audio Susie
floor vase with branches
box of chocolates
a tray with a teapot and a cup
decor - cat

Creator Notes
All items are functioning in the base game

Audio will play on the shelf, but if you want your Sims to dance or exercise, to put it on a stand or table..

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*FREE* Home Flags

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These seasonal and holiday flags were made for a request on the forums by shmoopie.You can easily match the up with the welcome doormats by Wolfspryte.

Each season includes 3 variations, there are also 3 holiday flags and 3 Home for sale flags. The flag stands are rcolourable.

Creator Notes
base game. latest patch.