Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Labor Leaks - puddles appear when birth starts!

Have you ever noticed that when your sims give birth, there is no mess? While some people might think it's gross, this mod if for those always looking for more realism in their game. With this XML tuning mod, your sims waters will actually break when they're going into childbirth. Puddles will appear around your sims feet, just like the ones sims get when they pee themselves or if a toilet breaks down! It comes in several a few flavours.

EAxis - 0 puddles appear during birth - (this is the default value set in game)
A Drop - 1 puddle appears during birth
A Splash - 2 puddles appear during birth
A Gallon - 3 puddles appear during birth
A Pool - 4 puddles appear during birth
A Flood - 5 puddles appear during birth

You can only have ONE of the flavours of the Labor Leaks mod in your game at any one time. This edits the Pregnancy XML file, so any other mods affecting pregnancy may conflict with mine. Does not conflict with any of my mods. Should not conflict with any of Twallan's mods or AwesomeMod.


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