Friday, July 15, 2011

"Little Things" Post-It Notes

A little while ago, Amoebytes made a very neat little sticky note object. It sounded like a fantastic idea to me, and Amoebytes' version is awesome, however I wanted individual sticky notes (hers are a set of three), and it bugged me that Amoebytes' weren't shiftable or CAStable. So, I wrote that I should make my own post-it notes down on a mental post-it note, and cheerfully proceeded to stick it above my mental bookcase, at which point the crappy glue failed and the whole thing got lost in a dark corner of my mind.

Luckily, a week or so of cutting up post-its for use as colour-coded bookmarks in open text exams rekindled my love of cheap, easily-losable memory aids, and so they arrive - Post-It notes for simmies!

I include three versions - a straight note, and two wonky notes ('cause who the hell sticks Post-Its up straight anyways?). Let's be clear, here - directions are stage directions. The Stage Left version is the one with the bottom sticking out to your left as you look at it from the front. None of this "But the note's left..." business!
These are repo'd, so you must install the straight one for the other two to work.

I am not able to get a picture due to my internet connection but go to the link below to check it out...

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