Monday, May 28, 2012

Cottage Nursery

A lovely, homey nursery, where both your young and adult sims will enjoy spending theyr time.
Creator Notes
All items are recolorable. ¤ Base game compatible. Game patch: 1.33 ¤ Please do not re-upload them as your work, give a link back! You can freely use them on TSR! ¤ Thank you for the Screenshot Backdrop Murano! The single items' previews are taken before it. ¤ Here you can download the collection file: Cottage Nursery Collection File. ¤ Furnishing hints: You will need "moveobjects on" cheat to place some items like on the preview image. With pressing "alt", you can place the objects more freely..
Riccinumbers, Lulu, Wolfspryte, TSRW

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