Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summerset Farm

 Summerset Farm, an interesting place with a heavenly face. It was established by a couple by the names of Alexander Jones and Bella Smith over a hundred years ago. The couple met at a nectar-tasting event and instantly fell in love. Their passion for nectar encouraged them to purchase a small plot of land and start a nectary. Over time, their nectars became quite popular locally and were known for their sweet, rich flavor. The two had four children. The oldest, Byron Jones, took over after his parents died. He then passed on the farm to his son, who has since passed with no known children, leaving the farm unoccupied.

On the first floor, there is the formal living room that walks out onto the wrap-around porch. There is also the study that has the bay window. The ining room is right across the main hallway, and features an attached powder room. At the end of the hall, you have the country kitchen. The kitchen also has an entertainment area near the fireplace. On the second floor, you have four standard children's bedrooms and the master suite. The master suite features a walk-through wardrobe and large master bath. Also on the second floor are the laundry room and a bathroom. On the thrid floor, you have the music room, the art studio, and the alchemy room. Outside of the house, there is the two-car garage with also houses the workbench and a motorcycle. Across the driveway is the barn, which has enough room for one horse. The pasteur has a small obstacle course and the barn has a small attached silo. Right next to that is the nectar house and the crop field. The nectar house has a small basement room to store nectar in. The field is barren, so you can have your Sim plant his/her own crops.

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