Sunday, October 28, 2012

United Sims 3 Updates

Updates for Sunday October 28th 2012 Hope everyone enjoys!!

All About Style
"SIMS 3"..."Roberto Cavalli For Kids"
10/26...5 Female Child Tops..See Female Child Tops p.1 & 2
10/26...3 Female Child Bottoms..See Female Child Bottoms
10/26...2 Female Child Whole Casuals..See Female Child Whole Casuals
10/26...1 Pair Booties..See Accessories and Shoes p. 5

Anno Sims
Wildermist Cottage by Marbi and Donation Circus Anno - Showtime version by Kyria

Around the Sims 3
Chocolatier - A new set to create a chocolete shop in your town, with delicious
chocolate cakes has been uploaded! :)

Blacky Panther
New neighborhood, wall patterns, paintings, houses, objects recolors, and

Cosas de Pilar
Comedor cerezo Dining Room set

Information on Sims 3 Seasons and a patch for Sims 3 Supernatural

Fresh-Prince Creations
Hey guys! For today the Apple iPhone 5 is now available to download for the Sims
3! Click on the image to the left to download. If you like this or any of my
creations, please donate to help support the site. And many thanks again to
those who have donated! Enjoy!

Home is Where the Heart is
It's a Wonderful Life_3Bed2Bath _V2 house

Ladesire Creative Corner
Flower Terrain Paint by Ladesire, Trianon Wall Set by Ladesire, Egyptian Set by
Ladesire, and Orin Bright by Salverin

Lady Venera Sims
Gift for Pike. Sidonia. Portraits, Arseniy, and Snow Queen

Full body tattoo for females and males and 3 buttons pencil office casual belted

Mod The Sims
must register
Miscellaneous new downloads

My Sims
Residence-38 - Full Furnished

One Billion Pixels
Updates with a magazine rack and edible Halloween cookies

Houses and accessories - hair with hats and boots

Poppy Sims
Updates with an interesting house

R2M Creations
Updates with male clothing


SIMCredible! Designs
Updates with the Cafeteria and Gourmet set

Sim Control
Updates with a bit of everything including a dining room set, sim, wallpaper and

Sims TR,33.0.htm
Dress for female adults

The Sims Resource
must have subscription (free or pay)
A bit of everything

New Hair

Over 16s only
Boyshorts for female adults

The Owners of
Totally Sims

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