Sunday, October 28, 2012

the Sims 3 Seasons: Preview

We would like to thank once again thank you and Electronic Arts to my colleague for this superb Mini day in the premises, we all had a great time with friends, but also the most anticipated game of the saga of The Sims, seasons ! This expansion pack will enhance your game with all these elements. Of course all seasons are integrated.
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The Seasons:

For the first time in the history of The Sims 3, the seasons come to live in different worlds (custom or not) except your game worlds come with The Sims 3 World Adventure, that is to say the China, France and Egypt, he will always be beautiful in the three worlds. Each season brings with it a new feature called festivals Sunset Valley, they will be located on the park in front of City Hall. For other areas it will be easy to identify the place where the festival will be located, simply put you to plan and there you will see an icon that is highlighted. By taking the information given by Graham, here's a quick summary of new places or festivals taking place in the worlds. Lacking the Riverview neighborhood, and Lunar Lakes Barnaclebay installed on my computer I have not been able to capture. Riverview festivals will happen on the ground called "" All the Rave "Warehouse" to Barnacle Bay they place on the community site "Crowe's Nest Campgrounds" and Lunar Lake in Riverview Memorial.

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