Monday, January 20, 2014

Maltipoo Puppies

Maltipoo Puppies [Request]
Part Maltese, part poodle, part the-Goldilocks-scour-brush-you-clean-your-frypan-with, the Maltipoo was created to be a small companion dog with little to no shedding, making it more suitable for those with dog allergies.
Built on an adult Maltipoo so should age up decently; they look mostly like a Maltese with longer back, pronounced tuck up, and a dense, curled coat. For some reason the apricot Maltipoo has a really round face and his coat isn’t as dense. Left to right:
Apricot          Golden          Cream          Red
Required CC:
Roan Marking Set
Required sliders:
Small Dog Height Slider
Leg Size Slider
Small Dog Back Length Slider
Small Dog Leg Length Slider
Tail Length Slider
Tail Thickness Slider
Any questions or issues, let me know x

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