Friday, August 2, 2013

Underwear/Swimwear Unlocked


Unlocks Base Game underwear and swimwear tops and bottoms for Teen and Adult Males and Females for all outfit categories OR just Everyday/Sleepwear/Athletic/Swimwear - whatever you prefer.

- No Expansion/Stuff Packs Required
- Compatible with update patch 1.55

Nothing like this exists on MTS - not to this extent! Some may say this mod is not useful at all. They may say that enabling these for some categories makes sense - but enabling them for all categories isn't a particularly likely concept. Well, what about the following LIKELY situations which you may wish to simulate in your game? ...

  • EVERYDAY - Your Adult Female Sim likes to wear extremely short skirts and dresses at home, in the yard, and even out on the town! Say you download a Top that acts like a very short dress. What would you use for the Bottom? Without a mod she'd have to wear pants, shorts or a skirt. But that would defeat the purpose of the short dress.. err.. Top. You could use a mod to have a naked Bottom *OR* you could use this mod and wear UNDERWEAR like a normal person!!
  • FORMAL - A couple have a romantic night on the town in formal clothes. They end up back home in the bedroom. He has just a shirt and undies on. She has just a bra and her skirt and heels on. Also, another example, what about clothes as layers? Some of us use mods that are clothing items as accessories. Why can't my Sim have a Bra as a Top, Briefs as a Bottom and a sheer dress as an Accessory layer? With this mod they can!!
  • SLEEPWEAR - Why be restricted to so few items? With this mod you can have the basic swimwear items for sleepwear. I wear a string tie bra as underwear!! Why can't my Sim?
  • ATHLETIC - Your Teen Female Sim goes to a private boarding school. She's about to run a cross country run. Her outfit is a lycra brief and a lycra sports bra.
  • SWIMWEAR - Again, why be restricted to so few items when you can have the underwear items for swimwear. Ever heard of ROXY?... Well I wear a lace edged bikini top to the beach too!! Why can't my Sim?
  • OUTERWEAR - Some of our Sims live in the tropics. Some of us may wish to use the Outerwear outfit category for a hotter climate and sometimes that really does mean LESS clothes!! Also, why not sheer clothing layers using accessories? you could have these underwear items underneath!!
  • CAREER - Pick a career and explore!! Maybe your Sim works the night? Need less clothes to catch someone's eye? Maybe your Sim is a model or celebrity? Need less clothes down the catwalk? Maybe your Sim is a singer? Need less clothes on stage? The options are limitless!!

Unlocking these outfits for ALL categories is extremely REALISTIC in so many ways!! And if you don't want all categories unlocked there's other flavors too.

Download Here 

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