Friday, August 3, 2012

Infomation about Ep Season

Hi guys....

I have been offline for a while and I am sorry about that but I am back on this weekend and will be back on sometime next week....

My best friend Marie has sent me this message about season for Sims 3

  • seasons was accidentally put up on origin yesterday, this indicates that its official the box art is fuckin amazin i can't wait for November, on the box art theres a kissing booth, someone lying on a floaty thing in the ocean, snowboarding, soccer, pumpkins and someone holding an umbrella in a thunderstorm n bein struck by lightning....there's also an ice lounge for the limited's a link explainin more thats been found out this is the one an only ep i'm gonna have to pay postage to get the game on release day as waitin will b torture..u have 3 months 2 get saving  
    holy shit EA have just shown the 1st seasons trailer n it looks fuckin amazin, it gave me chills watchin it trailer for seasons i want this ep now, i can't wait another 4 months 4 i
    i wish u were online, there is a hell of a lot info n pics on seasons for ur site..i can't believe i'm sayin this but i have peps real bad for this pack, we get trick n treating n even Easter egg hunting, this pack is gonna b amazing

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