Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Functional Light Switches

Today I have for you 5 fully functional light switchesThey look great in any room and they'll add realism to your game.
You can click on these light switches to turn on/off the lights, change the color, adjust the intensity (make them bright, dim or normal), move them up and down (shiftable), etc.
The only thing that you need to ignore is 'This Light' option since there's no light bulb on these switches to make it works.
Anyway, you can find these in Wall Lamp category for only 5 simoleons each.
These are recolorable 2 channels so you can recolor them with any pattern or any color you like.
I think big patterns make better result for these switches so they'll look like the custom ones.
You can have more than one light switch in one room/house and you can click on any of them to make it works.
Both format (Sims3Pack) and Package are included in download file. Please install only one!

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