Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nectar Taster Part-Time Career

I wanted to play a sim with a part-time job once but since I had played all the base game part-time careers I wanted something new! I thought for a day or so about what would be a fun part-time job and then I came up with nectar tasting! Since nectar is the Sim equivalent for wine, and there is wine tasting in real life, I wanted it in Sims too - and I loved the idea of getting paid for it!

Just like any other part-time career in the game, this one has no other performance requirements than Mood, no co-workers, and no opportunities. This is available for teens aswell as YA and older, since teens can drink nectar in The Sims 3.


1. Glass Refiller
To be able to taste nectar there must be nectar in your glass, and everyone knows that nectar tasters can't do it themselves. Filling the glasses is your assignment.
Salary: §25/hour
Hours: 18-21
Days: Th, F, Sa, Su

2. Sipper
Now you may taste the nectar, instead of just pouring it into other's glasses. Just sip your nectar with care.
Salary: §50/hour
Hours: 18-21
Days: Th, F, Sa, Su

3. Nectar Connoiseur
You are the most excellent nectar taster, with knowledge of all (at least most of them) nectars that are served. Tasting nectar can never look more advanced than it does when you do it.
Salary: §75/hour
Hours 18-21
Days: Th, F, Sa, Su

The career is meant to be at the Bistro rabbit hole, but since it is assigned to the "Restaurant" rabbit hole you can apply for it at the diner too.

Your sim is able to choose between the ordinary part-time tones at work (Business as Usual, Hard Work, Take It Easy) but there is also a bonus tone added just for fun. If your Sim has at least level 1 in Nectar Making (if someone in the family has travelled to France) he/she can choose to Learn about Nectar Making to improve that skill. Since the career includes the Nectar Making skill, it of course requires the World Adventures EP.

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